Cargador 40W Universal mini Laptop Tablet 110-220v AC DC 12V/18V/19V/20V

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(6 months warranty)


Tip size and compatibilities with some of the many Brands:


A1 9.5V (4.8*1.7)for Asus
ASUS 9.5V 2.315A

EEE PC 700, 701, 701SD, 701SDX, 5G, 4G, 8G
Eee PC 4G, Eee PC 900, Eee PC 701, EeePC 901, Eee PC 904, Eee PC Surf, Eee PC 904HD,
Eee PC S101 700 2G 8G

A2 12V (4,8*1,7)for ASUS

ASUS Eee PC Series, 1000, 1000H, 1000HA, 1002HA, 1000XP, S101,etc.

ASUS R2 Series R2E, R2H, R2Hv  E3A 

ASUS Eee Videophone AiGuru SV1

A3 16V (6.5*4.4)for Sony/Fujitsu/Samsung/Monitor

Mini Laptop Sony.

SONY Vaio VGN-T Series, Sony Vaio PCG-181 Series PCG-181L, Sony Vaio PCG-3xxx Series, Sony Vaio PCG-4xxx Series, Sony Vaio PCG-500 Series, Sony Vaio VGN-G Series, Sony Vaio VGN-Sx Series, Sony Vaio PCG-5xxx Series , Sony Vaio PCG-6xxx Series , Sony Vaio PCG-700 Series , Sony Vaio PCG-800 Series , Sony Vaio PCG-C Series, SONY VAIO PCG-GR series PCG-GR, SONY VAIO GT Series , SONY VAIO PCG-SR series , SONY VAIO PCG-SRX series PCG-SRX41P,SONY VAIO PCG-VX series , SONY VAIO PCG-TR series PCG-TR1A,  SONY Vaio PCG-U Series PCG-U1,  SONY PCG-Z1 series PCG-Z1A, SONY VAIO S Series: VAIO S150, VAIO S150P SONY VAIO TR Series: VAIO PCG-TR3A, VAIO PCG-TR1A, VAIO PCG-TR1AP, VAIO PCG-TR2A, VAIO PCG-TR2AP1, VAIO PCG-TR2AP3, VAIO PCG-TR3AP1, VAIO PCG-TR3AP2 SONY VAIO PCG-V505 series PCG-V505 CTO, SONY Vaio VGN-B Series VGN-B,

LCD Monitors.

DELL 1701FP,1702FP,1900FP,1500FP series 17",19" LCD

Samsung LTM1555,Samsung LTN1565 LCD 15" LCD monitors.

SyncMaster 150MP,SyncMaster 1501MP,SyncMaster 152B,SyncMaster 152T,SyncMaster 570S TFT,SyncMaster 570V TFT 15" LCD monitors.

SyncMaster 170T,SyncMaster 172B,SyncMaster 172S,SyncMaster 172T,SyncMaster 171P 17" SyncMaster 180T 18" LCD monitors.

SyncMaster 191T,SyncMaster 192T,19" LCD monitors.

SyncMaster 760V TFT,SyncMaster 770 TFT,17" LCD monitors

A4 19V (4.0*1.7)for HP/Toshiba Tablet

Toshiba Thrive Google AT105 10" Tablet PC:
Toshiba Thrive AT105
Toshiba Thrive AT105-SP0160M
Toshiba Thrive AT105-SP101L
Toshiba Thrive AT105-T108
Toshiba Thrive AT105-T108S
Toshiba Thrive AT105-T1016
Toshiba Thrive AT105-T1016G
Toshiba Thrive AT105-T10162
Toshiba Thrive AT105-T1032
Toshiba Thrive AT105-T1032G
Toshiba Thrive 10.1 Inch 8GB
Toshiba Thrive 10.1 Inch 16GB
Toshiba Thrive 10.1 Inch 32GB

Compaq Mini 700 PC series:

HP Mini 1000 Vivienne Tam Edition PC Series:

HP Mini 1000 PC Series:

HP Mini 1100 PC Series:

HP Mini 1100 Vivienne Tam Edition PC Series:

A5 19V (5.5*1.7)for Acer/Dell

Acer Aspire V3 V5 E1 E11 E3 E5 E15 ES1 R14 R3:

Acer Chromebook C7 AC700 C700 C710:

Acer TravelMate B113 TMB113-E TMB113-M

Acer Iconia Tablet PC W500

Acer Aspire TimelineX 1830 1830t 1810t
Acer Aspire One D150 D250 D255 D255E D257 D260 D270 521 522 531h 532h 533 722 725 751h 752 753 756 A110 A150 Happy; D250-1165 D270-1824 D270-26Dkk 722-0427 722-0825 725-0687 725-0845 725-0899 756-2623 756-2641

A6 19V (5.5*3.0)for Samsung
SAMSUNG AD-4019S PA-1400-14

SAMSUNG N110 N120 N130 NC10

A7 20V (5.5*2.5) for Lenovo Toshiba Soneview Vit Siragon


IdeaPad S9 series

IdeaPad S9e series

IdeaPad S10 series

IdeaPad S10 - 423135U (Black)

IdeaPad S10 - 423134U (White)

IdeaPad S10 - 423132U (Pink)

IdeaPad S10 - 423137U (Blue)

IdeaPad S10 - 423133U (Red)

IdeaPad S10 - 42312CU (White)

IdeaPad S10 - 42312DU (Red)

IdeaPad S10 - 42312AU (Pink)

Ideapad s10e series


Wind U115 Hybrid series

Wind U120H series

Wind U120 series

Wind U90 series

Wind U100 series










Medion Akoya Mini E1210 Netbook
Medion Akoya Mini E-1210 Series

A8 19V (2.5*0.7) for Asus

 Eee PC 1005 1005H 1101HA 1201HA 1215N


Compatible Part Number:

AD59230     EPC701

Toshiba Thrive Tablet PA3922U-1ARA, PDA01U-00101F, PDA01U-00201F
41R4441, 45K2200, ADP-40MH BD, 0225A2040
P/N 266010401 26B001010 26B001020 26B001050

Automatic variation of voltage. 

100% OEM Compatible
AC Input: 100 to 240V AC, 50 to 60Hz (worldwide use)
Safe: Over-load, over-current, Over-voltage , Over-temperature protection, Over-Charge Protection, Short Circuit Protection, Over Voltage Protection

Package Included:


1 x Ac Power Adapter
1 x Power cord

(6 months warranty)


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